Amir Khan to host world's very first mixed martial arts league in bid to inspire children to sport

Amir Khan states it is an "honor" to introduce the world's very first blended martial arts league.

The Super Fight League, the world's 3rd most followed MMA Organisation, have revealed the first-ever franchise league which begins later this summertime.

8 teams consisting of an overall of 96 fighters will battle in India between August 26 and October 1.

Each group will constitute of nine Indian fighters and 3 worldwide fighters that will include a mix of men and women.

The league phase will be followed by semi-finals, before a gala final evening to settle the series.

Former world champ boxer Khan, chairman of the Super Fight League, said: "It’s undoubtedly an honor to present the world’s very first MMA league from a country like India known for their rich history in combat sports.

" MMA is not just a sport however is quickly capturing up as a way of life globally for fitness enthusiasts and with this league we want program MMA as a viable profession alternative to children and athletes from all other types of sports."

Khan continued: "MMA is a fast and exciting sport and you require high levels of fitness to sustain yourself in the sport. Hence, SFL developed specialized training centers and gyms for youngsters to obtain the right training.

Groups from Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Mumbai, Haryana, Bangalore, Punjab, Pune and Goa will be represented during the series.

Costs Dosanjh, CEO of the Super Fight League, hopes that the introduction of a competitive league will influence more children into using up MMA as a potential profession.

He stated: "India has a diverse culture and with its population as the greatest strength, we at Super Fight League are excited to reveal the world’s very first MMA league here.

" India will host the inaugural edition and we intend to alter the method combat sports is viewed and played in the future not just within the country but also internationally.

" Our objective is to take MMA to an entire new level and eventually inspire numerous gifted children to take up MMA as a profession and enable a better living for the existing set of fighters from India.

" What also produces a mention is the inclusion of women in the group where for the very first time ever women fighters will play an equal role towards the overall team efficiency in the league.".